Do you have a small space, but a lot to sell? You can only fit so much on your walls, and too many shelves can quickly become tacky and overcrowded. But you don’t have the room for tables and racks and merchandisers. Cutting corners to get your products out for your customers to see doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or efficiency. InStore Design Display’s all-in-one displays give you everything you need at one incredible price, giving you a whole lot more bang for your buck.

All-in-One Counter

The all-in-one counter allows you to really maximize your space. It comes with an enclosed glass display case, which can be used for any number of valuable or fragile items – porcelain, ceramic, jewelry, purses, or other high end products. The countertop space is quite large and can hold quite a large amount of products, especially when you use the right tabletop displays, including merchandisers and risers.

On the employee side of the counter, there is space for a cash register as well as access to the glass display case, making it easy for your employees to pull out what your customers want without having to leave their post. There is also plenty of space for pens, register tape, bags and more.

Four Way Merchandiser

A unique all-in-one display to show off your products, the four-way merchandiser comes with four adjustable display arms, eight melamine shelves, and even has a graphics frame built in. This merchandiser allows for you to put together an entire look for your customers and makes it easy for them to get their hands on the products without having to search throughout the entire store. You can hang shirts, jackets and jeans, and put tanks or tees on the table. If it’s football season, show your support and put together a themed display with jerseys of your NFL team, and other merchandise – glasses, collectibles and other NFL-related paraphernalia on the tables. And there’s no need to search for a sign holder to advertise your sale since it’s right there with the merchandiser.

Double Hangrail Frame

The double hangrail frame is the perfect all-in-one display option for all of your clothing and accessory needs. It has two rails for hanging garments – shirts, jackets, jeans, dresses, skirts – and eight shelves, which can be used for a variety of uses. Folded shirts or jeans can be placed for cross merchandising (for instance, you have jackets hung on the rails and you place folded tees on the shelves that complement the jacket). You may also want to use the shelves for accessories such as purses, scarves or hats. You can even use small merchandisers to hang jewelry that pairs well with any hung clothing. You can create seasonal displays, such as winter or summer clothing, or much like the four-way merchandiser, you can use the double hangrail frame during sports seasons and hang team jerseys on the rails and place other memorabilia on the shelves – collectibles, stuffed animals, scarves, hats, mugs and the like.

When your store is small, and you want to maximize the space you do have, all-in-one displays will allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Contact InStore Design Display today to find out which of these all-in-one displays will help you make the most out of your floor space and get your products moving.