Chalkboard gives you, as a business, a unique opportunity. Rather than using mass printed signs that customers are used to seeing in every store, you can make your own personalized signs that are tailored to your specific needs. You and your employees are given the chance to express your creativity, and the sign can be changed whenever you need or want, no waiting for posters to come in or using up paper and ink for signs that only last a few days, which has the added benefit of saving you money. Why not give blackboard signs a try for your signage needs?

Blackboard Bin Signs

Small bins, with four different compartments, are perfect for your smaller items. A collection of rings, bracelets and even small children’s toys can all be organized inside. You can write the name of each item and its price on the corresponding chalkboard sign. If you want, you can even add some small designs or cute drawings to really call attention to your products. When one product runs out, simply wipe the board clean and draw on a new one.

Plant Markers

Do you own a garden nursery or sell produce from your farm? Maybe you sell produce at a farmer’s market or have some outdoor decor and furniture to display. Plant markers are in keeping the garden and provide an interesting new way to display plants, produce and product names as well as their prices. Each sign can be customized with the change of the season, and if rain washes the chalk away, you can easily rewrite the information.


If you have larger items to display, the blackboard produce crates can really come in handy. You can use them for anything from clothing accessories, to larger toys and stuffed animals. Write the product name and price on the blackboard and when you’re ready to change out the product, simply erase the current signage and start again. The crates come in a set of four, all different sizes, and fit neatly within each other for easy storage.

Tin Framed Signs

For an antique or an old country look, a tin framed sign with a twine cord can add a nice touch to your walls. Hang it next to artwork to display the name and artist at an art gallery. Use it in a home goods display for a quaint country kitchen or living room. You can draw a picture on it to make it look like part of the display or use it to advertise the sale.

Sandwich Boards

If you have a store amongst others on the street of a small town, or even in a shopping center, stand out from the other shops and let potential customers know you’re there with a blackboard sandwich board. Place it outside your door so that passersby can see it from either direction on the street, drawing in valuable foot traffic. The large surface allows you to advertise daily sales, a menu, a witty message or a fun drawing. It’s perfect for a bakery, a café, a coffee shop or a small boutique store.

Hanging Arrows

When you have something out of the ordinary, people are likely to take notice. Draw attention to your front entrance with the unique shape of a hanging arrow sign. It can also direct attention to a specific product or area of your store. Write your sales or call your customers over with unique, personalized messages, making them aware of you and your products.


For advertising sales on a tabletop or a glass display counter, blackboard blocks get the job done nicely. They are available in three different sizes and have endless possibilities. Larger blocks can be used to draw attention to a general sale while smaller blocks can be placed near tabletop merchandisers or specific items.

Stand out from your competition and save money on paper and ink supplies by investing in blackboard signs. Contact InStore Design Display today to find out which blackboard signs are right for you.