The type of atmosphere you create in your store should match the types of items you sell. It should reflect your brand and personality. You can’t paint your walls every time you want to change out a display, though. InStore Design Display offers specialty slatwall designs that allow you to easily change sections of your walls without having to break out the paintbrush every time you want to put out new items.

White Subway Tile

White subway tile slatwall is extremely versatile. Because of its color (or really, lack thereof) anything that sits against this specialty slatwall will immediately stand out to your customers. This tile brings a sort of modern, clean, chic look to your space. It’s great for when you want to create a high class feel. You can hang cocktail dresses or dress shirts and slacks against this wall and customers will immediately receive the message that these are the sophisticated articles of clothing they need for their next dinner party. Brightly colored prom dresses will pop for young high school students. Modern home goods, such as a dining or kitchen display, will beckon to your customers in an elegant fashion, asking politely to go home and be used for their next get-together.


Brick slatwall is just the right look if urban-chic is your message. This slatwall makes it seem as though you’re walking right along the streets in the heart of the city. It complements any edgy items you may have, from clothing, to accessories, to artwork. Hip clothing looks perfect next to the worn red brick. Inspired, modern paintings look as though they’re hanging on the wall of an art gallery.

Mixed Old Paint

If you sell antiques, or items resembling goods of a time long past, then mixed old paint specialty slatwall will really help complete your look. The time worn appearance of this specialty slatwall makes it seem as though the wood has been salvaged from a building at least a hundred years old or more. Anything with a vintage feel – clothing, dishes, furniture – will be right at home in the atmosphere that this specialty slatwall creates.

Old Paint

Another perfect example of wood taken from an old building, old paint specialty slatwall creates a retro, antique vibe in your retail space. The chipped, worn red paint looks as though it has come right off an old barn, evoking an old western feel. Cowboy hats, jackets, and denim work well against this wall. Home goods and decorative items evoking an old western or country style also benefit from sitting against this backdrop.


The light brown lumber appearance of the barnwood slatwall instantly gives off an earthy feel to anything placed in its vicinity. It gives the impression of being outdoors, in nature. This specialty slatwall is the perfect addition for anyone with a earth-centric boutique. Spring items, clothing reminiscent of the hippie era, or handmade, one-of-a-kind pottery are perfect against a barnwood slatwall design.

Weathered Wood

For those seeking a more manly, rugged backdrop for their goods, weathered wood slatwall is just what you need. This rustic, outdoorsy specialty slatwall works well for displaying camping or fishing clothing and gear.

Really amp up your displays by setting them against a specialty slatwall that fits the look and feel of your store. And no slatwall display is complete without the right accessories! Check out our guide on the 5 Must-Have Slatwall Accessories so you can make the most out of your new specialty slatwall display.