If your stockroom or backroom is a mess, things can rapidly go south for your store.  Improve the efficiency of your stockroom and of your staff with these easy tips. 

#1. Invest in Good Rolling Racks

Flimsy, stationary clothing racks won’t do your stock room any good. Be sure to invest in high quality rolling racks that allow you to move racks of clothing in and out of the stockroom with ease. This also ensures that your guests have a place to deposit unwanted clothing in the dressing room and your employees have an easy way to sort through it all.

The salesman’s rolling rack is a great example of a rolling rack that will keep shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and suits neat and organized. The chrome rack is adjustable to three heights up to 64 inches tall, allowing you to hang up even long garments.  Wheels make it easily mobile, so you can take it out on the floor to replenish stock or move items around to make new displays. And when you don’t need it, it can be collapsed for easy, out-of-the-way  storage.

#2. Keep Your Hangers Tidy

Hangers can quickly pile up into an unsightly mess that is difficult to untangle. The hanger sort and store kit can put an end to the clutter.  The main unit has ten bars for all different types of plastic, wire and heavy duty hangers that attaches to the wall. There’s even a caddy that you can keep up at the registers, so cashiers can keep hangers organized at the front end.

#3. Give Your Employees Space to Work

Your employees need a good solid work surface to fold clothing, adjust price tags, take inventory and the like. The sturdy work table gives them just that and so much more. The top table has sides that fold out to give more space to work on and there’s a bottom shelf to store the newly folded clothes or smaller items and accessories. Wheels allow the table to be moved where ever it is needed, in the stockroom or on the sales floor.

#4. Make Folding Easy

Folded items are one of the easiest things that can fall into disarray. Keeping clothes neatly folded can be a full time job, especially when your employees have to continually organize clothing on the floor. With the help of a clothes folder our customers will appreciate the uniformity of neatly folded clothes in the front and your employees will benefit from being able to quickly and efficiently fold items.

#5. Have Ample Storage

You need a place to store your items, and adjustable wire shelving gives you all the space you need. Whether it’s clothes, home decor, or large heavy products, the shelving unit can handle it all. The shelves can be set where ever you need them to accommodate merchandise and inventory of all sizes. And wheels allow you the freedom to move the unit where ever you need it.

#6. Clothing Protection

Back rooms can easily get dirty. Boxes that come off the truck carry debris that can make clean clothing a mess. Keep your most vulnerable clothes dirt and dust free with grip tite garment bags.  Each bag holds up to 25 garments and is made of water resistant cotton, protecting them from dirt and moisture. There’s even an accessory pocket that allows you to keep any accessories that will sell well with the garments stored inside, ready when you need them.

Don’t let your stockroom become a complete disaster. For help finding the perfect items to keep your backroom neat and organized, contact InStore Design Display.  We can help you keep your space tidy, improving the efficiency of your space and your employees, which in turn can help you improve your sales.