The holidays are fast approaching, which means it’s time to think about getting your store ready for eager holiday shopping. You want to stand out against your competitors, and the way to do that is with your displays. Here are a few awesome in-store holiday display ideas that will catch the attention of shoppers and draw them in.

#1. Dress Up Your Mannequins

If you sell clothing, one of the best ways to sell those clothes is to have them displayed on a mannequin. Outfit your mannequins in the latest holiday fashions – sweaters, vests, coats, scarves – and to really get them into the spirit, top them off with a Santa hat.

#2. Outfit Tables

Nesting tables are perfect for holiday displays. Holiday themed bath accessories (such as candles and lotion), or kitchen and dining accessories can be organized on the different sized tables. Use a diffuser with a holiday scent, which can bring back memories for customers and draw them to the display. Outfit the fronts of the tables with branches, pine cones or white lights. Place a decorated fake pine tree next to the tables for extra appeal.  And you can use blackboard produce crates under the tables with extra goodies in them.

#3. Make a Rustic Backdrop

Winter items will stand out when they are complemented with a rustic backdrop. Set up some weathered wood specialty slatwood. You can hang winter clothing against it, or set up shelving for folded clothes or holiday home décor. Set up a ladder with wire baskets and put in holiday accessories. You can even wrap the legs of the ladder with white lights or pine garland with decorations.

#4. Build a Different Kind of Tree

For another holiday display idea, make your own unique Christmas tree out of wooden display cubes. Start with a wide base and work your way up to create a tall tree, or make a smaller one for a table top display. Fill the cubes with all of your holiday items – home décor items, vibrant tea or coffee cups, ceramic bowls, stuffed animals for the kids. This alternative to a traditional pine tree is sure to catch the eye of shoppers.

#5. Have Fun with Merchandisers

Gridwall merchandisers give you all kinds of freedom to be creative. Outfit yours to create unique holiday displays right in the middle of your store. Create an entire winter look, complete with sweaters, jeans, vests and jackets hanging up. Use sloped shelving for folded shirts or straight shelves for décor items. Gridwall baskets can be used for accessories or bags of holiday goodies such as potpourri. Outfit the merchandiser with white or colored lights, decorated pine garland or even hang a holiday wreath.

#6. Build a Scene

Create a whole living room or dining room setup to give your customers a view of what their holiday morning could look like. Use slatwall to create the backdrop. Add some shelves to the wall to decorate with holiday items. Nesting tables can be broken up to be used as needed, for instance a taller one can be used to set up a dining table, or shorter can be used as a coffee table in a living room. Decorate a holiday table with a nice cloth and place settings. Create a themed centerpiece. For a living room, create a cozy scene with a sofa and some chairs with a centerpiece on the table.  Add some fake pine trees around, some logs near a fake fireplace and a wreath on the wall.

The holidays are your chance to get creative with your displays. For help getting all of the items you need to create the in-store holiday display of your dreams, contact InStore Design Display today.