Clear Acrylic Ballot Boxes

Ok, so no one actually uses ballot boxes for presidential elections anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they’re useless. As a matter of fact, they can come in quite handy for a variety of uses within your business. We’ve got a few ideas on how you can put clear acrylic ballot boxes to good use, no matter the business you run.

1. Fundraisers

Collecting money for a charity is a great way to help out your community. Your business sees many customers every day, giving you the ability to be able to collect a significant amount. However, your employees may feel uncomfortable asking them, meaning that you could be missing out on people who genuinely want to help. By placing a ballot box near your registers, your customers see that you are working to help an organization and can give of their own free will, rather than feeling pressured by being asked.

2. Raffles

Raffles give your customers a chance to win a big prize while you collect money for a specific cause. The ballot box allows you to easily collect one half of the ticket while your customer hangs on to the other half. When you’re ready to draw, simply unlock the box, reach in and pull out the lucky winner!

3. Business Card Giveaways

Do you run a restaurant and want to give a free lunch to a local company? Offering a business card giveaway allows you to do just that, and grow your clientele by exposing your food to people who might never have eaten at your restaurant before. A ballot box with a sign holder lets you advertise your promotion. Just place the box near your register and your customers can simply drop their card in on the way out. The slotted, locking lid assures that the cards won’t be removed.

4. Giveaway Entries

Hosting a giveaway can really boost sales, no matter if you’re giving away gift cards for your store or specific merchandise. Leave both the ballot box and entry forms at a promotional table or at your cash registers, making it easy for your customers to enter.

Get customers involved and boost sales or help out a local cause. There is practically no end to the uses for ballot boxes!