Summer is winding down, which means that your fall clothing inventory is ready to be put out. Your summer sales have been good, but you still have inventory left to sell. This is the time of year when many clothing stores are employing a great sales tactic to move out old inventory before a new season: the Summer Sidewalk Sale! A Sidewalk Sale is a beneficial marketing strategy that can generate buzz, attract foot traffic, and help you move that old inventory. But a Sidewalk Sale would be nothing without one crucial display fixture: rolling clothing racks. In this article, we’ll talk about the versatility of rolling clothing racks for outdoor displays and how you can use them to tap into foot traffic and generate sales.

1. Rolling Clothing Racks Are Eye-Catching

A plain storefront has little to offer a wandering pedestrian. If the area outside your store is filled with activity, however, it’s a hard thing to ignore! Rolling racks are instantly attention-grabbing for even the most casual of passerby because they start to wonder, “What’s going on over there?” Colorful racks of clothing and accessories are visually interesting. Hang a chalkboard arrow sign over the welded end of the rack or put out a sandwich board on the sidewalk to attract even more interest in your outdoor display.

2. Rolling Clothing Racks Offer Mobility

The obvious benefit of a rolling clothing rack is the fact that they roll, of course! Wheel them out first thing in the morning when your store opens and wheel them back in at the end of the day. Even stationary racks like the 4-Way Rack or the Round Rack can be outfitted with casters so you can use them all throughout the year, indoors and out. The best part? If you don’t need them, you can use them in a back room to store inventory or collapse and store them in a rolling rack carrying case or on a shelf.

3. Rolling Clothing Racks are Stylish

Rolling racks aren’t just for retail stores anymore. Bloggers and other interior designers have made rolling clothing racks a popular way to store clothing in the average home. By using rolling clothing racks for your Sidewalk Sale, you’ll have an attractive, on-trend way to display your merchandise. The more industrial looking the rack, the better! The Pipeline Collection offers a variety of well-designed rolling racks like the Ballet Bar Rack, the Double Bar Ballet Rack, and the Double Tier Ballet Bar Rack (among many others) that will make for an attractive outdoor display.

4. Rolling Clothing Racks Fit Any Budget

While rolling racks are a recommended investment for any clothing store, there are definitely options for the budget-conscious. Racks like the Heavy Duty Rolling Rack, the Z-Rolling Rack, and the standard chrome Rolling Rackare all budget-friendly options that come in under $100.

Rolling clothing racks are a versatile, flexible, and investment-worthy piece of hardware that every clothing store should have. They’re just as great for the outdoors as they are for the indoors. Don’t forget to check out our great selection of hangers to truly show off your merchandise!