Summer is definitely here, which means that customers are escaping the summer heat and heading indoors. With such a tidal wave of eager shoppers, how do you stand apart from your competitors? The answer lies in the details. Textures like galvanized metal and weathered wood as well as the charm of timeless, vintage designs—they all evoke the nostalgia of warm, summer nights and provincial charm that can be sorely lacking in today’s retail market. If you’re looking to inject that authenticity into your own summer display, than look no further. We have just what you need to spruce up your displays and create a down-home authenticity of your own.

Go Vertical

Farmhouse Etagere Park Hill Collection Summer Display

Grouping items of a similar nature together allows customers to find what they need, and creates uniformity throughout your store. However, when it comes to looser, smaller items (think hardware and trinkets), it can be a challenge to keep them all together without taking up space and leave them vulnerable to grabby hands. Vertical storage options like the Farmhouse Etagereis a unique and eye-catching way to display those looser items. The vertical design is not only an efficient use of space, but it literally draws the eye upwards and focused on the product on display. The galvanized metal tubs also lend an intriguing texture to the space for an added boost of summer display genius!



Get Rid of the Clutter

Stair Step Display Park Hill Collection Summer Display

No customer likes the look of clutter. Especially when it comes to smaller, free-standing items—it can be tricky to put them on display in a way that isn’t a disheveled heap of product. The Stair Step Display, for example, allows you to display and organize items so they’re all seen and not a cluttered mess on your countertop. The weathered faux-wood finish also adds a dash of natural texture for an additional “pop” of intrigue. Plus, the hidden door in the back is an ingenious solution for additional storage!

Offer a Personal Message

Small Wooded Easle Park Hill Collection Summer Display

Making personal connections with your customers is important. It endears them to you and allows you to form a lasting message. Even if you’re a larger store, there’s a way to inject personality into your displays that established a genuine connection. Use an item like the Small Wooded Easel to display a charming or informative message at the register, a fashion tip on how to wear the latest items, or a call to action (“Sign Up for Our Newsletter!) anywhere in the store. These are all inexpensive, yet effective ways to engage with your customers and add some customization to your store.

Closing Thoughts

Staying ahead of your competitors can definitely be challenge. But with a few added dashes of spirit and fun, you can come out on top! We especially love the Park Hill Collection for its rustic chic aesthetic that looks as if if came straight out of the country general store of a bygone era…in a good way! All of the items mentioned above are from the Park Hill Collection, and we have many more, gorgeous items that will complete your summer display. Check out the rest of the Park Hill Collection and get inspired!