Welcome to our blog! InStore Design Display (you can call us IDD) is excited to have a spot in cyberspace to share company news, new products and industry trends.

To start things off, we want to share three exciting announcements from 2013:

Legacy-of-KC-Award1. We were named one of Kansas City’s Top 10 Small Businesses of 2013! What does this mean? It means we’re going to strive even harder to bring our clients the best service and products for their businesses. We have to, it’d be a tough pill to swallow being kicked off this list!



2. The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce honored IDD with its first-ever “Legacy of Kansas City” award. To be called a legacy by the city we love renders us speechless. And that’s quite a feat.

We're cutting the ribbon on our new location!

3. In October 2013, we opened a new satellite showroom at 1810 Broadway! In the center of the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, this new location provides client meeting space and showcases our award-winning work. We are thrilled to house our brand in the center of the Crossroads buzz. It couldn’t be a better fit for IDD and we can’t wait to show you around (and take you to lunch at one of the fabulous restaurants we are surrounded by!)

Saying goodbye to 2013 was bittersweet, but 2014 shows great promise and we’re starting it off with the launch of this blog and tons of other great stuff. Follow us now, so you’ll never be the last to know!