As winter escapes us, shoppers plan for the warmer months by shopping the best window displays.  A great retail window display will entice shoppers to stop, look and come into your store to see what you have to offer.  The best creative retail design ideas create attention-grabbing spring and summer themes, showing off the key pieces of merchandise. The best window displays often include interesting mannequins and their vibrant color backgrounds.  We have listed some creative retail design ideas below to inspire you this Q2 – April through June 2018.

Creative Retail Display Ideas

Retail Design Best Window Displays: April – Spring renewal

Shoppers are experiencing signs of spring, longer days, trees beginning to bud and rainy days.  Gone are the thoughts of snowy cold days make shoppers feel excited and ready to shop.

  • Create your display with incorporating the spring pastel palettes and floral prints. (PRO-TIP: limit patterns and colors to a maximum of 3 colors)
  • Use different heights and sizes of seasonal props in the window.  (Ideas for Spring props: oversized butterflies, rain boots, umbrellas, and who doesn’t like to see cute bunnies and baby chicks around Easter time?!)
best window displays creative retail design ideas retail window display

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Retail Design Best Window Displays: May – Mother’s Day or Memorial Day

Shoppers are gearing up for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend (the unofficial kick off for summer).  These weekends are filled with celebrations of mothers and remembering those that have served.

  • For Mother’s Day: Fill your window with some DIY paper flowers, female and child mannequins if you’re aiming for “mom-shoppers” to form emotional connections.
  • For Memorial Day: Try hang an American flag in your window with a red, white and blue color retail design theme to acknowledge those that have sacrificed their lives for our country.

best window displays creative retail design ideas retail window display

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Retail Design Best Window Displays: June – Summer Fun

Shoppers are making plans for warm sunny days with the arrival of summer. Connect with your customer’s emotions with summer by bringing summer into your store with vibrant colors in the window display.

  • Vacations and relaxing summer days at the pool are at the top of their list.  Summer is at its best with swimsuits and beach stuff with a window display. (Ralph Lauren does a great job with creative retail design ideas in the summer display below.)

  • Create a simple display with mannequins representing kids having fun. Check out this ice-cream flower display with summer clothes… Does it get you excited for summer or what?

(Photocred: Pinterest)

VMSD reports, retailers are back to using windows to entice using architecture advertising and art to bring customers into their stores.  Don’t forget to show off your window display on Instagram and other social media.  You only have a minute with the customer walking by so make it count!

Furthermore, your retail window display is your first line of defense to go head to head with other businesses, as you only have one minute with the shopper to form a first-time impression from you creative retail design ideas.  By following some of the pro-tips listed above, you’re sure to create an eye-catching retail window display that’s sure to be one of the best window displays on the block!