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Our Team

Sales Tour de Force


Shawn Ryan Julie Englar John Renfro Kristy Koerner

From left to right: Shawn Ryan, Sales Manager; Julie Englar, Director of Marketing & Visual Merchandising;  John Renfro, Jr., Sales Account Manager; Wendy Cox, Sales Support Assistant (not pictured), Kristy Koerner, Sales Account Executive

The Hardest Working Office & Warehouse Staff


Ken Curry Twyla Bayless Lindsay Phillips  Jeanette Lydia Mike Farris Kathy

From left to right: Ken Curry, Purchasing; Twyla Bayless, Accounts Receivable; Lindsay Phillips, Corporate Sales Admin. Specialist; Jeanette Barnard, Accounts Payable; Lydia Shoff, Warehouse Supervisor; Mike Farris, Warehouse Manager; Kathy Bender, Corporate Sales Assistant.


Warehouse Staff

From left to right: Robert, Warren, Danny, Belia, Juan, Monica, Mike, Olga, Juan, and Alex


The Partners (Big Kahunas)


Ed Redhair  Russ Fuchs  Bryan Frank

From left to right: Ed Redhair, Russ Fuchs, Bryan Frank

Graphic Design

Kara Hess, graphic designer, launched her design and printing business (Dazium Design Solutions) in 1999 because she was tired of being called a creative director when what she really wanted was ownership and responsibility for the entire creative process for a wide spectrum of clientele.

Her passion and commitment show in her work and the results reflect that in every project she’s involved in. Before throwing herself into her business, Kara led internal communications and production internationally for Black & Veatch, a top producer of power facilities around the globe. Prior to Black & Veatch, she managed the prepress production for a high-volume Midwest printer.

Beyond having a good eye, Kara has an analytical mind. She is one of the few graphic designers who work with web coding, which enables her to produce the websites she art directs and designs. Control cool is a wonderful thing…
just ask Kara.